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Ecological Data Centers

Energy Efficient Data Center Architects: Eco Logic Data Center Architects Dublin Ireland

McDonnell + Dixon are the architects for EcoLogic DataCentres and the project for the worlds' largest data center in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Among the leading technology principles behind this world class infrastructure project is the energy efficient nature of the facility.

This takes account of the suitability of Ireland's climate and recovers 25% of the cooling energy for local growing and district home and business heating projects.

The data center covers 1,100,000 square feet and will generate up to 150 megawatts of rejected energy to be re-used to heat planned local Biodomes and to supply neighbouring villages and businesses. Ecologic Datacentres will be powered where possible by clean power such as wind and wave energy sources. With the economies of scale, carbon neutral energy will be purchased on a scale of unequalled proportions in Data Centre Design throughout the World.

This world class data center will not just be carbon neutral - our goal is to be carbon negative.

Churches: New & Restoration

Church Architects: Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church Dublin Ireland

McDonnell + Dixon have designed and project managed some of the leading church construction and church conservation projects in Ireland.

This includes the landmark Adelaide Road Church, from the early 90's till completion in 2002. It is the culmination of the churches vision for increasing the usability of their premises, and is a sensitive and intelligent response to the brief and to the protected status of the existing building.

Carefully designed for flexibility and in compliance with strict regulations.

The front facade has been restored to its former glory, and forms a city landmark at the end of Earlsfort terrace.

Energy Efficient Architecture

Energy Efficient Building Architects: Campion House Dublin Ireland

At McDonnell + Dixon Architects we design buildings not just for the day they open but for long term use and cost of ownership. Energy efficiency is intrinsic to our designs and we can help you appreciate that a no compromise approach from the start benefits everyone, including you.

Energy technology has come a long way, but as you can see from our other lead edge projects MCDD have extensive knowledge in energy efficient design and building. We see design as a process fuelled by teamwork, informed by research and knowledge.

McDonnell + Dixon Architects (MCDD) work is closely aligned to the other professions within the building industry. We work in an intensely collaborative environment, allowing projects to grow naturally out the discussion between client, architect, engineers, cost advisers and other team members.